About Us

DEFINITION: Vigil (noun) 1. “A purposeful surveillance to guard or protect”.

As its name suggests, Onvigil exists to keep a watchful eye over your online real estate. By maximising your visibility online, we will help you to reach your target audience. More importantly, we will enable your target audience to find you.

Search marketing is a powerful form of marketing. By definition, search marketing works on the principle that people already have an interest in a certain product or service and are searching for a solution.  In today’s digital age, the world-wide-web is often the first place people turn to find the products, services and information they require.seo-services-winchester-chichester-guildford

In an increasingly competitive online environment though, organisations have to work harder and harder to protect and grow their online presence. In addition to improving your visibility online, we will work with you to produce new online content which is both engaging and authoritative.

Onvigil is one of the UK’s leading SEO agencies, serving mainly small to medium sized organisations in London, Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex. Onvigil is made up of SEO consultants, pay per click specialists, website developers, technical copy writers and social media integrators.

That said, we’re all marketing people first and foremost.  By extending the reach of your marketing investment we will help you to develop long-term relationships with your key stakeholders.  Get in touch today to discuss your next project.