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Question… what do Pandas and Penguins have to do with Search Engine Optimisation?  To the uninitiated, very little perhaps.  But to ignore our furry little friends would be a mistake it seems as they refer to two significant updates in Google’s search algorithm.

Penguin, Google’s latest search algorithm update came out in April of this year.  For many business, our furry friends from the Southern Hemisphere brought pain in the form of lowered rankings and reduced traffic.  But whereas, Google has punished aggressive SEO tactics in the past, this latest update is compeletely different.  The challenge for businesses now is to actually reign in SEO efforts to avoid costly penalties.

As a result, we are advising our clients to avoid over-programming when adding hyperlinks and to think carefully about keyword loading.   In essence, of you’re trying to overtly manipulate the SERPs, you’re going to get hurt.

Other interesting developments suggest that we should look carefully at “rel-author” tags when adding links as they draw in your Google profile.   The net result is that Google trusts you more which will arguably have a positive affect on your rankings.

Rumours abound that Google Plus (Google’s own social network), now has a greater influence than before.  Although Google Plus only has a very small following in the UK, it is arguably more effective than the likes of Facebook.  Some industry experts now think, as a result, that you’ll get stronger rankings if you use it.

For me though, I am intrigued about Google’s choice of names for these two important updates.  Given Orange’s obsession with furry animals as well as names for their call plans (racoon, panther etc), is there a new trend in global marketing developing here as well?  Only time will tell…

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    • Andrew Samson
    • 07/08/2012

    Very interesting indeed. I had no idea furry animals affected by website rankings!

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