Online Analytics

Investing money in your website or any other form of online platform is only worthwhile if you can measure the return on your investment. With marketing budgets under constant pressure, it is becoming more and more important to demonstrate efficiency.

Unlike more traditional forms of marketing which are harder to track in terms of effectiveness, digital marketing is much more of an exact science. This means that every click can be monitored. Every click has the potential to tell you something important about your audience.

Online analytics can be defined as the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for the purpose of understanding and optimising websites.

But what should you be measuring to demonstrate success?

web-analytics-from-onvigilGone are the days of simply measuring the ‘number of page views’ on a website. Today, we are more interested in the unique visitor and how they behave online. Of course, certain types of behaviour are more valuable than others!

Has the visitor downloaded a case study? Have they made an enquiry by phone? By assigning a series of ‘goals’ we can not only track progress, we can also measure the effectiveness of our online campaigns.

What’s more, we are increasingly able to pinpoint exactly who is behaving in certain ways. Through reverse IP lookup, we’re able to see which organisations are searching for certain types of services. This can be particularly helpful in directing sales team activity in Business-to-Business settings (B2B). When incorporated with data from email campaigns, we are also able to monitor the specific behaviour of individuals.

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