PPC Infograpgic

PPC, pay-per-click, pay-per-performance, paid search, sponsored search…there are lots of different names for what is essentially the same type of search engine advertising. 

The theory is very simple though!  Every time an advert is clicked on, a fee is paid to the advertiser.  The advertiser could be a search engine, a social media platform or a directory such as Yellow Pages.

In the early days of PPC, an advertiser’s success or failure was mostly based on the depths of their pockets. The top spot on Google would go to the highest bidder.

Although the total budget still plays a key role, things are not so simple anymore.  Your position in paid search rankings on Google is directly affected by a number of linked factors. Google call this ‘Quality Score’.

Why is Quality Score important?

Quality Score is Google’s estimate of how relevant your adverts, keywords and landing page are to a person’s search term.  Similarly, Google monitors how many times people click on your advert and assumes adverts with more clicks are more relevant.

Nowadays, only advertisers with good quality scores and healthy budgets get their adverts displayed at the top of the listings…

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