SEO Audit

Does your business rely on its website to generate repeat orders or to find new clients?  In today’s online environment, any factors which might have a positive or detrimental effect on your organisation’s visibility online need to be taken very seriously.

In the same way that you have taken steps to mitigate risk in other areas of your business (e.g. public liability insurance), what steps have you taken to identify the risks to your website traffic?  Similarly, can you be certain that you have identified every missed opportunity online?

What is an SEO audit?

seo-auditAn SEO Audit from Onvigil provides a full health-check of the factors which affect your natural or organic search results. Whilst we also identify the major risks, we also highlight opportunities which will enable you to grow the value of your online activity.

To do this, we rigorously test the content on your website (on-site content) but also content which points at your site from elsewhere (off-site content).  The off-site checks which we perform are particularly important.  By using a series of proprietary and subscription based tools, we are able to examine your entire back-link profile to ensure there are no lurking dangers.

Depending on the content platform which drives your website, we will also test your website security to gauge your site’s resilience to hacking or denial of service attacks.

Negative SEO

Did you know that many companies now construct poor quality content pointing to their competitors’ websites in an attempt to damage their rankings?  And if your site runs on WordPress or similar, did you know that links can easily be placed on your site by hackers without your knowledge which can put your traffic at risk?  Onvigil’s SEO audits are designed to highlight any such dangers.

Benchmark your competitors!

Onvigil’s pricing structure allows you to benchmark your performance against your major online competitors.  Find out which keywords your competitors are targeting and where new opportunities exist for your own content. Priced separately, this is an optional extra when commissioning an SEO audit from Onvigil.

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Onvigil is a leading SEO agency serving London and the South-East.  If your business is reliant on natural search traffic, it is prudent to regularly perform an SEO audit to highlight potential threats.

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