Social Media

Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn – there’s no escaping the fact that social media is changing the way we live.  It’s changing the way we work as well…

The problem for most businesses though is knowing where to start.  And those companies who do start, often break the Golden Rule of social media. Once you’ve started, you can’t stop…

Why is Social Media important?social-media-tag-cloud

By definition, social media invites your key stakeholders to both engage with you and with each other.  Moreover, social media encourages like-minded people with similar interests to share your marketing messages, with the potential for exponential growth in the message’s reach.

Consequently, more and more organisations are turning to social media to showcase their products and services, brainstorm new ideas and to grow trust in an informal and more relaxed environment.

As a form of ‘viral marketing’ though, social media presents certain challenges.  Once your message has gone viral, organisations can quickly lose control.  Social media can become distinctly anti-social if not controlled correctly and your new platforms which you have invested so much in could just become a venue to generate negative comments which could hurt the reputation of your business.

Onvigil can help you get the most out of your social media investments.  We will help you to widen your reach through publishing content which engages your target audience. By posting interesting updates on a regular basis, we will encourage people to share your content which in turn builds awareness of your brand and boosts your authority.

For some informal advice about your own social media plans, get in touch today.