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Google Adwords changes could damage your business…

Please forgive the somewhat melodramatic title for this post.  However, it is our belief that the recent Google Adwords changes (February 2016) will…
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Online PR is dead!

Does Google hate PR?

According to the many web experts, Google's latest algorithm updates with their multiple versions (Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, Narwhal) will spell the end for…
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Google hints that sites not using structured markup could see their rankings fall

Comments made by Google’s John Mueller yesterday (14 September) could signal a major 'u-turn' for the search engine.  Despite previously going on record…
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Beware of online cookies!

Beware of the Cookie Monster!

Have you ever wondered how that pair of shoes you were looking at buying online, is now following you on your screen everywhere? …
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